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The best


Breakfast is served until 12 am during the week and until 1 pm on weekends.

Eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce
Ham from bone

195 CZK

Florentine eggs with hollandaise sauce
spinach and salmon

210 CZK

English breakfast
grilled English bacon, beans in tomato sauce, fried eggs, breakfast sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes

195 CZK

French toast with Philadelphia cheese
toast with butter, milk, eggs, honey, cinnamon, seasonal fruits, coconut, maple syrup

195 CZK

Fresh homemade pancakes
pancakes with seasonal fruits and homemade caramel sauce

125 CZK

Homemade baked muesli
Homemade baked muesli, white yogurt, seasonal fruits, coconut, almonds

150 CZK

Warm oatmeal
Seasonal fruits, coconut, almonds (from oat milk + 15, -)

115 CZK

Breakfast plate
Prague ham, cheese, butter, homemade jam, fresh bread, tomato

150 CZK

Viennese sausage 1pc
Viennese sausage, honey mustard, horseradish and fresh bread

40 CZK

Fried eggs with ham (3pcs) - 140 CZK
Omelette (3pcs) - 125 CZK
Scrambled eggs on butter (3pcs) - 125 CZK
Eggs in a glass (2pcs) - 125 CZK

Light sourdough bread (Artic Bakery)
or spelled bread (bakery Praktika)